About us

About us

Christel Keller mit Bella


The fantastic creatures of Christel Keller

The germ of "Kuhhandel & other creatures" lie in the work of the artist Christel Keller, animalpaintings made in Bamberg.
Her potraits of cows are unique, so the conclusion was to name everyhing "Kuhhandel" (ger.: Kuh - cow; handel - trading)...
Neither Christel Keller not "Kuhhandel" limits on cows.


The unique ideas of the Birgit Morgenroth

As textile-engineer she is used to find solutions with potential to think outside the box. With these skills she develops new products again and again.

The collections: "Bamberg", "Plants" and many more motives are made and edited by Birgit Morgenroth...


Rehbocktasche Max