Your Design

Your Design

means: You will get the chosen product with Your Design. So we can create your favourite piece! First of all you choose the product in the variation "Your Design".
Please send us your design (Your picture) via mail to:
When we have fixed your wishes, you will recieve the final offer for the editing.
This additional cost will be 20 € at most on top of the price of the product.
If you want more than one product with the same design, these costs are unique, even if you order at a later time.

Here are some examples of products we designed individually:


Mara Ausgangsfoto

Mara Bearbetiung Mara Ergebnis
"Maja", original picture editing for the chosen
(adding background)
Result: bag MINI,
with purse MEDIUM 
with motive "Nico"
M_Jack_felix_roh.jpg korrigierte Augenpartie Motiv freigestellt Tasche MEDIUM

"Felix", original picture
background not usable,
eyes have to be edited

eye editing in HD additional editing and exposing of the motive (backgroun is deleted) Result: Bag MEDIUM


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purse SMALL your design
up to 32.00 €
22.00 *
purse MEDIUM your design,
up to 35.00 €
25.00 *
Your design, pencil case
up to 35.00 €
23.00 *
case for iPad in your design
up to 70.00 €
58.00 *
DIY, your design, bag MINI
up to 54.00 €
29.00 *
DIY, your design, bag, S
up to 64.00 €
45.00 *
Your design bag, MEDIUM
up to 69.00 €
49.00 *
DIY, Your design bag, LARGE
up to 89.00 €
55.00 *
Your own design, mousepad
up to 15.95 €
Mobile Phone Case Your Own Design
up to 35.00 €
28.00 *
flip cover for smartphones your design
up to 35.00 €
32.00 *
handbag your design
up to 42.00 €
32.00 *
* Prices including VAT plus shipping